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We have a long history

MG has been ahead of its time since the brand’s inception in the Morris Garages in 1924. Now a new generation can choose a car from this iconic brand. Updated, electrified, recharged and ready for the future.

Sustainable driving

MG will offer a broad line-up of sustainable electric and electrified ‘new energy’ vehicles to European motorists. Produced and designed especially for them; made for their unique desires and wishes.

For everyone

MG is not just for the lucky few, or the early adopters, instead MG is making electric driving accessible for everyone. With the already proven success of the 100% electric MG ZS EV and the announcement of more sustainable vehicles in the coming years, MG is showing its full commitment to electric mobility.

Start your electric life with MG!

MG will help you to start your electric life with a well designed, technologically advanced and environmentally conscious driving experience that is functional, safe and affordable.

In Europe, for Europeans

MG is designed with the European motorist in mind; offering sustainable, smart, functional, and affordable vehicles. They’re developed in MG’s design studios in Shanghai in cooperation with the advanced design studio in London, produced in China, and already available in various European countries.

MG’s Parent Company

MG’s parent company is SAIC Motor (Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation). SAIC Motor is the 7th largest car manufacturer in the world and was the first automobile group in China with annual sales exceeding 7 million units. SAIC Motor’s affiliate automotive companies include Morris Garages (MG), Roewe and Maxus, but also SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC-GM, and others.

Liverpool team

Liverpool Football Club

MG Motor is the Official Global Partner of Liverpool Football Club. The partnership between the world-renowned English football team and British-born automotive brand is extending into global markets.

While Liverpool Football Club has been at the forefront of football for more than 130 years, MG has an impressive automotive sporting heritage dating back to 1924. This official partnership is a great pairing, sparking excitement as to what the future holds.

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